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Frequentlyasked questions

Will my unit always remain mine?
Yes, each unit has it's own separate Legal Title and is yours until a decision is made to sell.
Will I be able to sell my unit whenever I choose?
Yes, you are able to sell your unit on the open market at any time, or we can undertake to facilitate in selling your unit.
What other costs are there?
The only extra cost will be your own phone, power, rates and contents insurance.
Who will do all my odd-jobs and house maintenance?
All exterior maintenance is taken care of. Interior maintenance can be arranged.
What about security and emergency situations?
There is an emergency call button in each unit; A control board is monitored at reception by on duty staff.
Will I be able to have my family come to stay?
Yes. Family and friends are very welcome to stay short term. They can join in the recreation and dining rooms and stay in your unit.
I don't always want to cook my own meal.
You can join others and eat a mid-day meal in the dining room or dial a meal and have it delivered to your unit.
Can anyone eat in the Village Dining Room?
Yes provided they are accompanied by residents.
Who organises outing and activities?
The Social Club Committee and you the residents can plan outings.
I would like to have a garden and grow my own vegetables and flowers
Yes, there is space for you to cultivate your own garden.
Will I be able to attend church services?
Yes, local churches of all denominations are in close proximity to Puriri Park.
Can I rent my unit out?